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The Company Behind the Tools

Hitachi Koki Co. Ltd. has been an independent member of the broadly diversified Hitachi group since 1948. It's position as a specialist power tool company within a large industrial group brings important benefits to customers who receive immediate access to the latest advancements in metallurgy, motor design and electronics.

All products are manufactured with high standards of quality in design, material and workmanship, and through constant innovation to enable jobs to be safer, easier and less tiring. Hitachi Power Tools consistently offer high levels of quality, durability, operability and performance for all users.

Eco Products

Hitachi Eco Products

Based on an environmentally conscious design concept, the Hitachi Group introduced the Design for Environment Assessment System
in designing and developing products to minimise the environmental impact at each stage of a products lifecycle.

Eco-products are products that meet eight assessment criteria, including weight reduction, resource recycling, energy efficiency
and environmental conservation, in accordance with the Design for Environment Assessment System. Find out more here.


Hitachi Quality

Under a stringent quality control program, Hitachi power tools are without exception, subjected to rigid inspections and tests at each stage of processing. Each part is meticulously scrutinised for flaws
by expert inspectors.

Components are thoroughly tested at assembly lines to ensure optimum performance, and each finished product is carefully examined to assure Hitachi's standard quality.


Hitachi Safety

Double-insulation power tools can be operated without external grounding. Designed and manufactured with the accent on safety and usability, Hitachi power tools are provided with various safety features such as brakes, safety covers, and clutches.

With particular concern for the prevention of common accidents, they are constructed to direct sawdust, metallic chips and other debris away from the operator.