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Hitachi’s Brushless Motor Technology

  • Hitachi’s Brushless Motor Technology
    General - Tuesday, 14 June 2011

    Hitachi is continuing its role in inspiring the next generation of power tools with its cordless brushless motor range. Hitachi’s new range of brushless motors are 30% more efficient than carbon brush motors due to no energy being wasted through brush friction or sparking.

    Brushless Motors have an increase in power enabling a greater workload capacity yet are smaller in size and lighter in weight than carbon brush motors. The Electronic Control Functions allow multiple speeds to be accurately selected enabling a wider range of applications. It further demonstrates its efficiency with the electronic switch that requires half the pull force of the conventional model and requires less battery energy which furthers battery life. On Impact Driver & Impact Wrench models an Impact Rate Changeover mechanism enables the user to select between the single impact mode and the continuous impact mode ensuring greater ease of use.

    The Multiple Protection Circuit built into Hitachi Li-ion batteries protects batteries & tools from overload, over heat, over discharge & over charge rounding off the brushless range as cutting edge and innovative technology. 

    The available brushless tools are the DS14DBL – 14.4v Driver Drill, DS18DBL – 18v Driver Drill, DV18DBL – 18v Impact (Hammer) Driver Drill, WH14DBDL – 14.4v Impact Driver, WR14DBDL – 14.4v Impact Wrench, WH18DBDL – 18v Impact Driver, WR18DBDL – 18v Impact Wrench and the DV14DBL – 14.4v Impact (Hammer) Driver Drill.

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